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Did you know? » Forestry in New Zealand is unique!
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We have 'crop' trees that we grow specially for their wood

More than 100 years ago, we realised that if we kept on cutting down our native forests there would soon be none left. But we still needed wood for building and many other uses.

Pine trees were the perfect solution. They grow well and quickly here, they provide  the wood we need, they help drive our economy, and they help in our fight against climate change.

So while we look after our native forests, our pine trees are the crop doing the hard mahi, providing the wood we need every day.

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Seventy Mile Bush used to be the biggest podocarp forest in the North Island

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Māori called the area Tapere-nui-a-Whātonga (the great food basket of Whatonga).
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The region could be called the birthplace of plantation forestry in New Zealand.
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Rangiora Nurseries is where many of our pine trees start out

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They are one of the largest pine tree seedling growers in the South Island
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The Climate Change Commission wants us to plant a lot more pine trees

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It's the Climate Change Commission's job to give advice to the government on how we can meet our climate goals – and our forests have a big role to play.
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Nearly 40% of Aotearoa New Zealand has forests growing on it

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Before humans arrived in New Zealand nearly 80% of New Zealand was covered in forests – only the mountains and the really dry parts of Central Otago didn't have forests on them.