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Here you can learn a whole range of things about our forests, the wood we harvest from them, and the many different ways we use wood.

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Small sawmills fill a niche

Jun 14, 2023

After the central North Island, the southern region (Southland and Otago) has the second highest number of sawmills in the country.
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Southland Beech trees are sustainably harvested

Jun 11, 2023

New Zealand’s native forests are highly valued and strictly protected.
Tapanui State Forest

Tapanui was one of the first sawmilling centres in the South

Jun 11, 2023

The town of Tapanui in west Otago was a big sawmilling area in the late 1800s, turning logs from the nearby native forests into timber for housing and farm buildings
Amy Robinson

“No two days are the same in forestry!”

Jun 11, 2023

Amy Robinson worked with Matariki Forests for 11 years and says that no two days were the same.
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Southland is leading the way on wood energy conversions

Mar 20, 2023

Wood is replacing coal as the fuel of choice for big energy users all over New Zealand, with Southland leading the way on wood energy conversions
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Kōura are thriving in Ernslaw One’s forests

Mar 16, 2023

Kōura are thriving in Ernslaw One’s plantation forests in Otago and Southland