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Did you know? » Kōura are thriving in Ernslaw One’s forests
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Kōura are under threat – but in Ernslaw One's protected wetland areas they're doing very well

The South Island freshwater crayfish (kōura) is under threat due to the degradation of their natural habitat.

But thanks to the efforts of the team at Ernslaw One’s KEEWAI division, kōura are thriving in protected wetland areas, inside the company’s plantation forests in Otago and Southland.

Ernslaw One is the largest grower of Douglas fir in New Zealand, with over 95,000 hectares of trees across New Zealand. It’s aquaculture division, KEEWAI, generates additional revenue between harvests by sustainably farming kōura.

The kōura are released into fire ponds, and other ponds created especially for them on land that is unsuitable for growing trees, such as frost zones and powerline corridors.

The company has won both food awards for its delicious kōura as well as an environmental award for its dedication to environmental sustainability and protection of the local ecosystems.

Learn more about kōura in forestry ponds.

Or visit: www.keewai.co.nz