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Did you know? » The lower North Island has lots and lots of woodlots
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Woodlots are often found on farms in areas that aren't suitable for grazing

Plantation forestry in the lower North Island is characterised by a high proportion of small forestry blocks, or woodlots.

Woodlots are often found on farms, where farmers can turn land that may be unsuitable for grazing into productive forest, and at the same time bring about benefits such as improved water quality, shelter, enhanced biodiversity, protection from erosion and carbon capture.

Other woodlot owners are investors involved in carbon forestry. Wairarapa is a popular location for urban forestry investors to get involved in forestry.

Small forest owners often use specialist forestry management companies to take care of their forest. Forestry management companies can help forest owners to plan and plant the right forest for their site, as well as taking care of road maintenance, fire control measures, forest health monitoring, pruning, thinning and harvesting.

Once the logs are harvested, forestry management companies can help forest owners to find the right market for their logs and ensure that they get a good price.